Lee Je Hoon from “Taxi Driver Season 2” calls out the most powerful sub-character “Wang Taoji.”

Lee Je Hoon from “Taxi Driver Season 2” describes the strongest sub-character “Wang Taoji”.

Meanwhile, in the cuts that are still in effect, there is a photo of Kim Do Ji, who has transformed into “Vietnam Wang Taoji”, which is curious. ‘Wang Taoji’ is a sub-character introduced by Kim Do Gi while punishing a sonic trolling organization at the time of the first season, a character whose primary specialty is beauty through demonic magic.

This is curious as to why Wang Taojie, who had the status of a businessman from Harbin, appeared in downtown Qutaya, Vietnam. Moreover, the fashion sense and killer eyes of “Vietnam Wang Taoji”, wearing fancy accessories, branded dragonfly glasses, and ao dai (Vietnamese traditional costume), are the points that bring laughter. As a result, expectations are rising vertically in Kim Do Gi’s diverse group of sub-character plays, which are starting again.

On the other hand, in this first episode, Kim Do Gi plans to take a step forward in hunting down the missing young Lee Dong Jae and hatches a plan to eliminate the ‘illegal overseas gambling site organization’ made up of a cunning point. . organizations. Accordingly, attention is focused on the second episode of Taxi Driver season 2, which will give viewers an exciting catharsis based on the massive success of Taxi Hero Kim Do Gi, which will kick off from the very beginning.