Drops Teaser for Pandora: Under the Paradise

South Korean television network tvN recently released a teaser for the upcoming action thriller Pandora: Beneath the Paradise.

The first few scenes show the happy and idyllic life of Hong Tae Ra (Lee Ji Ah), which seems too good to be true, like a dream.

From wealth to a beautiful daughter to a successful husband, she has everything any woman could wish for.

Then the next scene shows a shocked Tae Ra as if she is suddenly remembering one of her lost memories. Realization sinks in, and she begins to uncover the secrets her loved ones have been keeping from her. The remaining scenes depict a heartbroken Tae Ra engulfed in chaos and clashes, marking the start of the war.

We have already witnessed Lee Ji Ah’s amazing performance in The Penthouse: War in Life in which, apart from the massive appreciation and fame, she also won the Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Medium-Length Drama at the SBS Drama Awards in 2020. The Penthouse actress appears to be playing a similar role in her upcoming drama.

Let’s hope her next revenge movie wins the hearts of viewers.

The drama is written by star writer Kim Sun-ok, famous for the epic The Penthouse trilogy. And bringing Kim Soon Ok’s story to the screen is Choi Young Hoon, known for directing K-dramas like One the Woman, Good Casting, and Band of Sisters, among others.

When and where to watch the upcoming K-drama Pandora: Beneath the Paradise?

The drama will air every Saturday and Sunday starting March 11th. More news is yet to come on the drama’s streaming platform.